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Franklin X-26 Indoor Pickleballs

Franklin X-26 Indoor Pickleballs

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The USA Approved X-26 indoor balls are one of the finest balls ever created for the sport of pickleball. Using only the best EVA material, our X-26 pickleballs feature 26 precisely beveled holes to help deliver a superb flight pattern and superior balance. The X-26 meets all USA Pickleball requirements for indoor pickleball tournament play. Made to withstand hours on the court, the X-26 offers consistent bounce, durability and playability ensuring a great day of play. Take your game to the next level!

  • Official size and weight: 26 gram weight; 74mm diameter
  • Balanced flight pattern due to 26 precisely beveled holes
  • USA approved for indoor tournament pickleball play
  • EVA construction ensures superb flight pattern and superior balance
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