Prolite Technology

Prolite: A Legacy of Innovation

At Prolite, we pride ourselves on being different. It's not only part of our character and rich history, dating back to 1984, but a primary goal.

Arlen Paranto, the visionary and creator of the modern pickleball paddle, flipped the script when he created a paddle departing from the original plywood composition. He advanced pickleball equipment light years ahead of the competition.

Like Paranto, our philosophy at Prolite began with that inspiring innovation in mind; Be A Leader, Not A Follower.

Curiosity drives us to investigate and develop new ways of thinking about the game we're obsessed with. Prolite focuses on enhancements to the player’s experience with pickleball paddles, leading to a confident, controlled, and powerful selection. We continue to lead the market with innovative and technologically advanced paddles as diverse as the pickleball community.


Prolite Technology

A New Generation of Prolite Innovation and Performance Technology

*Open Throat System + Edgeless Construction

*Thermoformed Unibody Construction + Internal Reinforced Carbon Fiber Frame with EVA Insulation

*4-Ply 360 degree Toray T700 Carbon Fiber wrapping process with an added PermaTraction Coating

Let the new generation of Prolite, the K2 Power, elevate your game to your ultimate peak performance. Our advanced engineering process uses a 4-ply 360 degree carbon fiber (Toray T700) wrapping process and thermomolding to create a one-piece, unibody paddle with a PermaTraction Coating. The results are a playing surface with a highly textured feel and unbelievable, accelerated spin. The K2's 14mm PowerCore drastically increases power while the first of its kind in the pickleball world, a reinforced carbon fiber frame, provides perimeter weighting, added strength to the entire paddle, and vibration absorption during play. Its edgeless construction and open throat system (OTS) provides a scientifically proven edge that creates less drag and quicker reflexes through the air. The best grip in the game, the No Sweat Diamond Grip, is applied to the K2. The Prolite K2 Power will provide the ultimate power playing experience. Gain the advantage and feel the difference.


Fly under the radar with the unrivaled control and power of Prolite's precision-engineered GS Technology.

The Stealth GS1 pickleball paddle is constructed with a gritty Toray T700 Raw Carbon Fiber to maximize and enhance game-changing backspin and topspin shots. The oversize-shaped paddle is designed with an 8" width, increasing the size of its sweet spot to help you deliver powerful shots on the court. The 14mm Power PolyCore delivers an incredible and unrivaled level of stability and strength. Finally, our infamous No Sweat Diamond grip is wrapped around the paddle's extended 5" handle, so you can play your best nearly without so much as a drop of sweat...and best yet, the Stealth GS1 is manufactured in the USA.

Discover the GS Technology for yourself.


Impeccable Luxury and Powerful Performance with Prolite's LX Series

A first of it's kind in the pickleball paddle market. Hyperweave Carbon Fiber of the LX Series utilizes a tighter cross weave interwoven with gold or silver fibers, increasing uniform strength, speed, and consistency in each shot. Constructed with three layers of carbon fiber surrounding each side of the paddle core, it delivers an overall improved durability. Prolite’s flagship 14mm core thickness provides the optimal balance of feel and vibration absorption without sacrificing power like most thicker cored paddles.


Experience the Perfect Blend of Controllable Power with the Powerspin 2.0 Series

With so many new players entering the world of pickleball, we wanted to simplify the learning process so they could start playing as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality or power. 

The Powerspin 2.0 Series utilizes a new type of fiberglass that was more forgiving, improving control and feel. We thickened the overall paddle, resulting in increased crispness and vibration absorption.


Prolite's Innovative Hand Technology

While it's common for most competitors to use basic balsa wood handles that compress and eventually break down, we decided to take the proactive approach and innovate. Our new handle technology is not only unlike any other, but a leader in the world of pickleball. Some features include

  • Superior handle design
  • Peak performance at any playing level
  • Low Density Polyethylene material
  • Innovative Rib Technology
  • No breakdown in shape or weight constant
  • Maximum comfort
  • Conformity to the players hand without flat spots
  • Anti-sweat and moisture
  • Recyclable material for a greener alternative


Prolite's Custom Pickleball Branded End Caps

Made from the same materials as our innovative handle technology, we stepped up our game...again. We researched other end caps on the market to find materials and shapes. From actual pipe fitting plugs meant for plumbing companies (crazy, we know), to tennis retread end caps made from very hard and intrusive plastics that dig into the player's hand.

When it comes to shape, we considered all backgrounds; from tennis, table tennis, racquetball, squash, platform tennis, and padel, we wanted our end caps to feel undeniably Prolite. These features include 

  • A hexagonal and rectangular hybrid design for universal player backgrounds
  • Antimicrobial surfacing
  • Crack-proof
  • Softer feel of LDPE that eliminates digging in to the player's hand
  • Muscle memory technology without flat or dead spots
  • Finished with the Prolite seal of approval