In 1984 Prolite was born and turned the industry on its head.

And so began the production of the very first composite pickleball paddle. The paddle was the first of its kind - an innovation that revolutionized the sport of pickleball and the industry. While our legacy company name has changed to Prolite, the steadfast commitment to building innovative products made from the finest materials is evergreen.

At Prolite, our goals are clear; Produce high performance paddles and gear that is

  • Designed for diverse player types
  • Made from the most advanced and highly durable structural components available
  • Supported by stellar customer service
  • Backed with a solid warranty

Prolite never backs down from being different. In fact, we embrace it. Our "Be a leader, not a follower" philosophy is embedded in every ounce of our identity and it shows in the distinct feel and look of our Prolite line of products – all designed and manufactured in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

As true ambassadors of the sport we love most, Prolite never stops finding ways to give back to the community. We donate time to teach the sport at all levels and abilities, including numerous free clinics. We are proud sponsors of many grassroots clubs across the United States, back dozens of smaller regional and state tournaments. Our reach expands internationally, donating gear to schools, veterans programs, and worthy causes such as Alzheimer's research and breast cancer awareness.


A Word From Neil Friedenberg

The first time I ever played pickleball was in the late 1980’s at the Weyerhaeuser fitness center in Federal Way, Washington. They had installed one pickleball court adjacent to a racquetball court. My father, Mark Friedenberg, was a computer analyst there and would often play during his lunch hour. Shortly after, he introduced me to this fairly new sport.

I was an avid tennis player and followed my dad to racquetball tournaments so I picked up the game quickly. I remember the variety of paddles on the wall rack above the courts. Most were wooden, but I was drawn to the few made that were clearly made of a different material. Each of them had a large ball and lightning bolt in the sweet spot. Around the logo it read, "The Original Composite Paddle." It played so much better than all of the wood paddles and felt great in my hands.

My father taught me the rules of pickleball, the boundaries, and the strategies. What did I learn? At the time…not much, only that I really wanted to beat my dad. Looking back at it now…I learned patience. I learned shot selection. I learned never to underestimate my opponent. Most importantly, I learned how this sport can bring enjoyment to players in the purest form. That this game can bridge the gap between all generations creating a positive, social, active atmosphere. If there was ever a lifelong sport to be enjoyed by everyone, pickleball is it. I am proud to be involved in such a great sport.

Neil Friedenberg