Big Cheese Classic

Last weekend, Prolite Owner and President Neil Friedenberg had the opportunity to vend at the Big Cheese Classic,Wheelchair Pickleball Event. With over 80 volunteers, it was an amazing experience to see such vibrant athletes, fans, and supporters coming together to play pickleball. It exemplifies how incredible the sport is to build community that is 100% inclusive, creating that warm social connection that we've come to love and nurture around the sport.

What is the Big Cheese Classic event?

The Big Cheese Classic Wheelchair Pickleball Event is a highly anticipated tournament that takes place annually in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The event attracts top wheelchair pickleball players from across the country who come together to compete and showcase their skills. With a fun and friendly atmosphere, this tournament is not only about winning, but also about building community and promoting inclusivity in sports. Whether you're a player or a spectator, the Big Cheese Classic is a great way to experience the excitement of wheelchair pickleball and support the athletes who play this challenging and rewarding sport.

With the exception of a few rules regarding the bounce of the ball, all of the standard game rules were carefully and precisely followed. As Neil watched the event from teaching clinics, practicing skills, and eventually the round robin, he could not help but notice how everyone was enjoying the sport and camaraderie that comes with it. Many of the volunteers joined to play in wheelchairs, ensuring a fair and equal playing field.

We're just waiting (impatiently) for when this highly dynamic and accessible game we're obsessed with to become an Olympic sport.

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