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At PROLITE, we pride ourselves on being different. It’s not only part of our character, it is a goal of ours. Think about our rich history dating back to 1984. Arlen Paranto, the original creator of today’s pickleball paddle structure did not follow the other company’s lead and make wood pickleball paddles. He thought differently. He thought outside the box. His goal was to advance pickleball equipment and he did just that! He was light years ahead of the competition.

Fast forward 37 years later to the year 2021. While much of the game’s demographic and influence has changed becoming more mainstream across the world, the philosophy at PROLITE has remained constant. Be A Leader, Not A Follower. Research. Develop. Innovate. Curiosity drives us to investigate, then develop new ways of thinking. Enhance the player’s experience with pickleball paddles leading to a confident, controlled, and powerful shot selection. PROLITE continues to lead the market with innovative, technologically advanced paddles perfect for all backgrounds player’s styles.


We saw a need in the market.  Too many fluffy names pertaining to technology.  There a ton of new players coming into the game.  Many backgrounds.  They do not want to be overwhelmed when buying a pickleball paddle.  Currently, there are so many choices and consumers are smart!  Our inspiration was to utilize a new type of fiberglass that was more forgiving, felt more control and added touch, and thickened up the overall paddle resulting in increased crispness and vibration absorption. The perfect blend!  Why in the world would someone buy a paddle that is the same shape, same construction, but different weight or thicker/thinner, and have a “control” paddle versus a heavier version and call it a “Power” paddle?  Some companies do that. We do not. Why not have both? Well now you do with the PowerSpin 2.0 Series.


The quality of our exclusive woven carbon fiber technology is truly some of the best that can be bought. From the moment we laid eyes on it in 2015, we were intrigued, but it wasn’t until we felt an outdoor pickleball bounce off of the surface until we realized this wasn’t any ordinary paddle material. It was truly something special! PROLITE became the first company to implement the woven carbon fiber technology into the paddle. A high grade that went directly to the face of the paddle. By far, the best we have ever felt. There are many types of carbon fiber on the market. This was of another level, the type used in aerospace, luxury vehicles, and now the pickleball industry. The Black Diamond Series or BDS, carbon fiber, does not just absorb energy. It disperses energy. This means when the ball strikes the surface, it disperses energy throughout every woven fiber of the paddle. This is important in our sport to play a controlled game, have the ability to reset an opponent’s shot, and bring the ball back softly across the net. There is a dwell (hold) time on the paddle longer than other paddles. This leads to more feel and consistency in shots, specifically in the most vital shots in pickleball, the third shot drop and the aggressive dinks. Carbon fiber at high speeds create less friction, and can feel stiffer at contact. For example a forehand groundstroke or serve. What does that mean? It equates to hitting with plenty of power. At slower speeds, such as dinking or third shot drops, it creates more friction and “grab” to the ball. An excellent performance trait to have! As our carbon fiber paddle ages, these small carbon hairs fray and create even more spin on the ball. It’s a natural occurrence in the decay of the fibers. It’s the best of the best. PROLITE is very proud to be able to state with confidence, that we were the first company to design an advanced pickleball paddle made from woven carbon fiber.

How will the BDS series by PROLITE benefit your game?

  • Longer dwell time on thicker paddle face equating to more feel and forgiveness
  • Softer touch on your third shot drops and dinking rallies
  • Energy dispersed evenly at impact leading to less vibration, solid impact, and crisper shots
  • Maximum spin due to longer dwell time and carbon fiber hold
  • With a variety of paddle shapes in the BDS series, a player looking for specific weight distribution can find the perfect fit for their game


While most companies (even well known companies in the industry) continue to use basic balsa wood handles used for model airplanes or foam handle parts, both of which compress and eventually break down, we decided to take the proactive approach and do what we have always done since the beginning. Innovate. Create. Improve. Lead. Our new handle technology is not only different and better. It is superior.

  • Superior handle design
  • Engineered to perform at any level
  • Made of LDPE – Low Density Polyethylene material
  • Designed with Innovative Rib Technology
  • Will not breakdown like foam and balsa handles (keeping shape and weight constant)
  • Unlike any other handle it will give both cushioning as well as support
  • More comfortable
  • Allows to conform to the players hand without flat spots like balsa and foam used by many of the other paddle manufacturers
  • Antimicrobial
  • Does not absorb moisture and sweat
  • Keeps it original shape
  • Made with recyclable material, a greener alternative


PROLITE’s Custom Pickleball Branded End Caps

Made from the same materials as our innovative handle technology, we stepped up our game…again. As we analyzed our competition’s end caps, we saw many types and shapes from actual pipe fitting plugs meant for plumbing companies (crazy, we know) to tennis retreads end caps made from very hard, intrusive plastics. So intrusive that it led to it digging into one’s hands while playing. Not very comfortable. However, when it comes to shape, we decided that we need to involve backgrounds from tennis, table tennis, racquetball, squash, platform tennis, and padel, BUT still putting out an authentic PROLITE feel to it.

  • Hexagonal and rectangular hybrid design meant for all player backgrounds transitioning to pickleball
  • Antimicrobial
  • Will not crack like many other end caps
  • Softer feel of LDPE eliminating any digging in to one’s hand or palm
  • Will form to player’s hand offering a flexible, comfortable option
  • Muscle memory technology
  • Embossed with the PROLITE seal of approval




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