PROLITE Complete Pickleball Set – (Portable Pickleball Net System, 4 Bolts, and 6 Pickleballs)

PROLITE Complete Pickleball Set

PROLITE now offers a complete set in pickleball equipment. You have everything you’ll ever need for recreational or tournament play. The Complete Set includes: 4 Bolts, 6 Pickleballs, and a PROLITE Portable Pickleball Net System With Over-Sized Roller Bag. A HUGE Savings! 

  • (1 Net System) PROLITE Net System is made from powder-coated steel tubing, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. High-quality poly netting cord that is strong, durable and moisture resistant. Official specifications: 36″ tall on sides, 34″ tall at center and width 22′ long. All net system pieces disassemble and fit securely in its durable carrying bag. Storage and Transportation dimensions of the net system packed in the bag are 40″ L x 7″ W x 7″ at 22 lbs. Reinforced center post pocket top. Helps eliminate tearing and poking through. Easy set-up and take-down is a breeze… no locking pins here!
  • All net system pieces disassemble and fit securely in its durable over-sized roller bag.
  • (6 Balls)
  • (4 Paddles) The Bolt paddle is lightweight, powerful, and has a slightly textured face to help put spin on the ball.



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