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Phantom Ultra Grip

Phantom Ultra Grip

The grip’s sticky texture is ideal for all conditions, especially hot and humid conditions where you need that extra support and feel of an excellent grip. The Phantom Ultra Grip forms to your hand and gives your hand the extra, amplified traction it needs to never let go. With a perforated design, ultra traction, moisture and sweat absorption, and easy application, you cannot go wrong.


  • Anti-slip tackiness grip that absorbs moisture
  • Rubberized comfort feel
  • Amplified traction
  • Perforated design, removes moisture effectively
  • Tapered starting end for easy application

PROLITE offers a variety of grips with specific comfort levels and desired levels of tackiness. From super soft to extra tacky, perforated and absorbent to vibration dampening, PROLITE has the grip that suits your needs.


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