$99 Prototype 4-Paddle Bundle

$99 Prototype 4-Paddle Bundle

*Paddles are not for sanctioned tournaments

At PROLITE, we are constantly evaluating new materials and technology for future paddle models. We test things like texture, spin enhancement, rebound/trampoline affect, and structural integrity of material components. Not all of these become PROLITE models and some do. However, we feel strongly that our prototype paddles will help many people get started into the sport of pickleball at a low cost. They can also be used as loaners and family gatherings.

Paddle Specs

  • Paddle shapes vary
  • Thickness of most paddles are 1/2″ and 5/8″
  • Paddle graphics are mostly blank (white and black)
  • Facing varies between woven carbon fiber, matte finish carbon fiber, and fiberglass
  • Grips vary from thin overgrips to thicker textured replacement grips

*Prototype paddles not covered under warranty


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